Gorgeous evening ride after work.  It was a hustle to get out of work, change, get my stuff, get there, get ready, WITH time still left to ride, but God is good and we had exactly the amount of time needed.  Mileage for this per GPS was 6.4 miles.  Departed 615; dismounted 800p with just enough light to brush off TLH and put my stuff away.  The weather was perfect.  Forsythia in full bloom along the way.  The bamboo stand is rich green and so
makes me want bamboo.  Alex is lined with a most pleasant periwinkle carpet.  Very young calves were very curious and frisky.  Although I could not see it, I could hear what I’m sure was a baby goat bleating before the church.
Was a very relaxing evening.  Apparently the relaxation was not limited to humans.  Only one of the several equine neighbors we passed even bothered to come to the fence to visit.  The rest only looked, then returned to enjoying the greening grass.
So thankful for a wonderful interaction with God’s creation.