Awesome evening ride.  We rode the short loop.  It was delightful to have Ciara and Traveller, and Emma and Pretty Boy, and Scout as well as Walker and Spony with us.  We had a good group and a great ride.

Departed at 630.  Returned at 815.  The weather was so pleasant.  All the horses were very good.  Traveller is new at getting out in the world I think.  He is still figuring some things out.  He was cautious with the gate and with each stream we crossed, but he and Ciara worked it all out very well.

Walker had to show off with what was I think his first vault of the season.  Of course I’m just jealous.  Wish I could bound from a standstill up into the saddle with a soft landing, with the saddle actually on a real horse.

We saw a great many deer in the pasture on the way back.  Especially amused at the TLD (The Luxury Deer) that was bringing up the rear!  She was in no hurry whatsoever.

The only thing that annoyed us was the flies at the beginning, but they weren’t bad at all after we got going.