It’s Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy!  After church, I spent the rest of the beautiful day riding.  Hot in APRIL, but beautiful anyway.  Not sure how I’m going to handle July if April is hot.  Note to Self:  plan all July rides in shade with steady breeze, and low humidity.

Walker was aboard TLH for the day, and they formed a splendid duo.  Debra and Clem were their usual charming team.  I got to partner with Frisco Jones (aka Spony).  Walker had the nerve to say we were short!

Everything is getting so green.  Guess the mountains got the Go-Green memo.  The redbuds are beautiful just peeking out with their shots of color in all the green and brown backdrop.  Of course the trees are not in leaf yet, but boy is the grass way green, on both sides of the fence.  The heat did enrich the wonderful aromas of Spring, sweet and warm and the best smelling green there is.

The only downside was that apparently we weren’t the only folks smart enough to get off the couch and outside to enjoy the day.  We passed 6 or 7, maybe more, vehicles.  Some of them we passed twice, so not sure how to count those:).  Fortunately, they were mostly courteous and posed no issues for us.  As high-strung as the horses were, we were just lucky I guess. . .