What a lovely way to spend a Thursday evening.  Yes, I know it was the day before the dreaded TAX DAY, and yes I still had taxes to do, BUT
I can do taxes in the middle of the night while half asleep.  Riding way outranks taxes.  Case closed.

Debra and Clem, Walker and Spony, and I was with TLH again.  Ahhh!  Departed about 610p and not sure what our return time was.  A bit of traffic, but nothing bad.  Nice warm evening as we left, but not hot.  I made it all the way back without donning my sweatshirt, was in a regular short-sleeved T, but did put it on as soon as I dismounted.  Horses are definitely getting in shape.  I couldn’t tell that Clem or Spony had sweat at all.  TLH only sweat under her saddle and girth, all else was dry.

Clem tried out the Myler Kimberwicke, with curb reins.  Debra says she does raise her head a little when braking, but raises her whole head and does not throw her nose up and out.  I tried to watch and see, but mostly was busy enjoying myself with no time to trifle with such mundane details.  I had great cell reception – got a call from Marie and it was clear as a bell.  She called to say that OB is definitely lame.  They want to try different therapeutic shoes and see.  Unfortunately, I don’t think he will ever be sound, but that’s just my opinion.  On the plus side, he does not seem to be anywhere close to constant pain, just under certain kinds of stress, like right turns.  So he’d be fine in NASCAR.

Really do miss Marie, especially when riding.  Also at a loss without Laura.  We have to pack our own snacks.  Oh the hardships we endure.  Oh well, I can’t complain too much (I’m in a 12 step program to cut back) I didn’t even have to pick up a brush when I arrived.  TLH was already groomed and ready for tack.  GO WALKER!!!