Such a delightful-weather day and so blessed to be able to spend it riding!  My God, How Great Thou Art.

The weather was truly as close to perfect as we get in this world.  The temperature was quite warm, but not hot and there was NO humidity!  Well, I’m sure there was some there somewhere but I sure couldn’t feel it.  Tremendous way to spend three hours; we rode up and out to the water and then back same as we went.

A few wildflowers are blooming, but mostly all is lush green.  Winston is slowly learning to take advantage of the ‘greenery’ that is available.  The briers are reclaiming their turf from their winter respite.  They reach out and grab you as you go by, issuing their warnings to us trespassers.  The birds must have also thought the weather perfect, as there were lots of them out and about, and singing their songs.  Passed a few cars and one bike.  It was just Deb/Clem and me/Winston, aka Sir Winston, aka Darth Winston.

Honorable mention goes to Sir Winston.  The hour it took me to catch him last time was delightfully offset by the -0- time it took me to get him this time.  When I got to the barn he started toward the gate, calling to me until I went and brought him into the barn!  Not having a halter on was a complete non-issue.  He was rewarded with a good grooming which he thoroughly enjoyed.  I’m not sure he doesn’t enjoy attention even more that food.  He is male, you know.

Loading was a breeze, but he did start pawing before I got the truck started.  I swatted at him violently(from outside the trailer) with my extra shirt, accompanied by some blood-curdling squalls.  He did his best to become one with the back wall of the trailer.  He did not paw again, until we started down the drive.  Then even over the diesel I heard bam-bam-bam.  So I slam, slam, slammed the brakes.  I know it didn’t floor him, but I think it shocked him sufficiently.  He never pawed again the entire day.  Of course he was beat on the way home, and didn’t have the energy.  Pawing aside, he loads and unloads so well.

I did not use the trailer to mount this time.  I did mount from the ground, but not from level ground!  On the flat, my stirrup tread hits my belly about 3-4 inches ABOVE my belt buckle.  Sure, no problem.  I could get my foot up into the stirrup, but it was useless at that height.  I couldn’t begin to put any weight into it.  So, plan B.  Using just a little bit of an incline to my advantage, I was able to mount from the ground.  Winston was very patient thru it all; he was not amused, but was patient just the same.

Mostly we kept a leisurely pace, but were able to sneak in a few trot sessions.  Even got in a bit of canter from the big guy. Didn’t want to push it; I’d hate to cause some sort of freakish fault line in the earth’s crust.  He’s quite lazy, but I’m sure a good bit of that has to do with his fitness level, or lack thereof  I should say.  I prefer to blame it on Clem.  She’s no inspiration at all.  She aspires to perfecting the ‘graze’ gait.  I could see her going all the way, I’m talking Olympic Gold here.

Not a lot of pics, but if you want to see them, click here.