Thanks to Laura and Debra for sharing their pics from Saturday’s ride at Pond Mountain.  I didn’t make it, but they got some good shots and apparently had a great ride without me!  How dare they.

The pics are here.  I think these are only Laura’s.  Hopefully will get Debra’s soon.  The views from the top are fantastic.  If I remember correctly, you can see 4 states.  I know it’s at least 3.

Here are Laura’s brief comments:

We really did miss you, but it was a pretty strenuous hike, and Deb mentioned Winston being pretty pooped after riding at Leonard’s farm.

 The weather couldn’t have been any better, with a nice breeze and shade fe the trees.

 Botany lesson today: flame azalea, mountain laurel, spiderwort, squaw root, and wild geranium. And Debra even correctly identified pipsissewa!  I’m so proud!

 I’m thrilled with Toasty as a trail horse.  She is brave and game, and not at all lazy. She did so well with Cracker, so I’m hoping this will help with her dislike of dogs. As a plus-sized model, however, she felt compelled to keep up her girlish figure by eating as much as possible, but she needs to work on her “snatch-and-grab-and go” technique. Maybe Nell can help her with that, as she was a Master of the technique!

 All in all, a great day with great friends, 2 and 4-legged. Looking forward to next time!

I hate that I missed the lesson.  Flame azalea and mountain laurel I know.  The rest I don’t know.  I can only hope I would have remembered the pipsissewa!

I don’t think Clem will have any problem coaching Toasty up to the “snatch-and-grab-and-go” technique that will rival Nelle.  Clem is after all an olympic athlete, and so cleverly shares her skills by setting the example at every opportunity.