Great ride today, even though it was quite hot this afternoon.  We chose to stay on the FS road rather than make the loop.  This means we had to backtrack home, but I think it was worth it.  Had we chosen a loop, any of the available loops, we would have returned up the hollow on the road and would have been in the open, in direct sunlight for some miles.  Our choice kept us in the shade the whole ride.

We had occasional breezes that were so refreshing.  There was a fallen tree that had not been cleared yet; fortunately it was high enough on the bank side that we could ride under.  We never saw another soul the whole ride, blissful.

We had a lovely group of five, or ten if you prefer.  Walker / TLH, Debra / Clem, Everett / Bell, Jay / Pretty Boy, and me / Frisco made up our troupe.  It was very good to get to ride with Everett again.  Was definitely impressed with Bell.  This was my first ride with her.  Also, was happy to have Jay back.  He liked Pretty Boy, even though “he’s no Cody”.

Wishing them all a great time at BSF this weekend!  God is good.