As in Clydesdale.  Took Kate out for a spin today.  She gets A’s and F’s.  A’s for her behavior and cooperation.  F’s for her condition and health.
Don’t know what her condition is specifically, but she roars big time.  Didn’t seem to actually stress her even though it was very hot, but not knowing her any other way is hard to tell.  Can’t hold that against her.

She was very easy to get along with especially considering her throatlatch was spliced and tied oddly onto her head and her bit was too small.  I had flashbacks of my Eastin Clyde!!!  While she was very interested in the other horses and kept a sharp eye out for them, she never quickened her pace to catch up without my ok and encouragement.  She has a big trot and very comfortable stride.  Not a flat walker, but comfortable.  We never considered canter.

Loading was not the bright spot of the day, but not horrible.  She just thought she’d pretend she didn’t know how to load.  Then she got over it with a little help from a handy stick.  Thank you Jay.  Definitely do not need to wonder if the trailer is loaded with her.

Cannot say enough about her cooperative nature.  Wasn’t sure which tree to climb in order to drop down onto her, since mounting from the ground looked questionable.  So, parked her effortlessly parallel to the trailer fender, went behind her (which left her unattended-shhh, I know) and climbed onto the fender.  She never moved.  Picked up the reins and stepped onto her.  Still she never moved, until I asked.  She did thankfully stand very still for my dismount as well, to the ground – not the fender!

It was a very hot day and she appreciated the hosing off before and after our ride.  On the way home she got to have TBS keep her company as far as the Magic Grass.  It was delightful to see TBS leading his herd through the tall grass at a relaxed lope.  Everyone following him in line, just like they had practiced I’m sure.  I wish we would have videoed it.  After we dropped TBS, we headed home.  I did thank her with a pan of grain before turning her out with the rest of her clan.  I hope she can have a peaceful, comfortable retirement for many years to come.