Great afternoon ride.  Everett / Priley, FJ / Frisco, Debra / Clem, Jay / PB, me / TLH.  After church and lunch, we met, saddled up, and rode out with a questionable forecast before us.  Although the sky was bright, FJ had stared into the sun and proclaimed rain, but he didn’t give us a timeline for the rain.  After some debate, we went for it.

The ride was nice and relaxed, not too hot at all.  By the time we were nearing home, the clouds were threatening us severely.  After untacking and just as I started to brush TLH, the rain began to pepper and could be heard fast approaching through the trees.  FJ took TLH out from under my brushstroke and quickly ushered her into the field.  Of course he was already done with Frisco.  They always rush just to make me look slow.  Then the rain came, heavy and loud.  We pulled out and headed home.  We got a good rain that we needed and the best part is that we got our ride in BEFORE the rain.

A few more shots from the day to see, click here.