Great ride, great weather.  More humans out than I prefer, but nothing to complain about.  I know, I can’t believe I said that either!  Excellent views, good horses, and of course good food definitely made up for the people who didn’t seem to know that we had reserved the out-of-doors section of Mt. Rogers NRA exclusively for us.  Remind me to send in a comment card on that reservation system.

We rode from Elk Garden to Fox Creek.  If you’re interested, I did record it with my gps gadget.  Link is below.

Click here to go to the Map.

The album, well, part of the album is available.  Of course I STILL don’t have any pics from Debra.  What I do have is here.

Oh, be sure to watch for the stylish footwear that Clem is sporting on her right front.  She lost a shoe shortly after we left Elk Garden.  So she got the pleasure of wearing maxipads and vetwrap for the rest of the day.  MacGyver has nothing on us!