Something about best laid plans, and some mice or some men or some such comes to mind when reviewing this ride.  Hmmm.  We had thought to ride the ‘ridge’ which is a simply spectacular ride, but some mice (disguised as horses, and I’m sure put there by men) interfered with our plans.  So we opted for the lazy There and Back Again, Not a Hobbit’s Tale instead.  We stayed to the farm road for the day which did mean we rode out and then back in the same way, but seeing as how I hadn’t ridden there in about TEN years, I didn’t mind at all.  There were flashes of bulls and their herds, hounds and their voice, hunt whips being used in non-traditional manners and the accompanying sound tracks for that, and many other scenes playing in my head throughout the day.  It was almost magical the way the hills came alive in my mind.

The weather was superb, windy – but still superb.  It wasn’t a bad windy; was a really nice windy.  I had to concentrate to hear the voices in my head over the wind.  It was very nice to get to ride with Bee / Pep, and Carol / Tobë.  Lots of good memories there.  I hope we can get to the ridge sometime soon, too.  Thanks very much to you all for a great day.

My pics are here; as always the wench has pics but refuses to share her loot.  At least she’s good with gates.