EQUINE GUELPH thanks PFIZER for sponsoring “LAMENESS LAB” Check it out.  Cool stuff on lameness.  Even some video of lame horses that you can diagnose, then check the results video to see how accurate you were.

Purnia – Senior Horse Tales Gallery

Senior Horse Tales Gallery Hit up the link above for the Purina site to enter your senior horse story for a chance to win a ton of feed, literally.  Great pics too! Senior Horse Resource Center Also check out the Senior Horse Resource Center site.  Take the quiz and...

Myler Bitting Series #2

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Sometimes, it IS that simple.  Of course if it is broke, do fix it.  But how?  Hmmm, now there’s the $64,000,000 question.  I know it used to be $64,000, but you know, inflation and all.

Tack Sale – Charlotte NC

Can’t endorse this sale as I have never attended, but it certainly sounds promising.  May just be worth a trip to Charlotte.  You can shop while you’re there, or if you just want to sell your stuff you can drop it off and come back later to pick up your...