Charles Owen J3 Skull Cap Helmet

Have had the J3 for over a year now and ridden many hours in it.  Am pleased with it.  Chose this helmet because the Charles Owen helmets had good reviews overall and were recommended by two friends.

Fit:  Am very happy with the fit of the helmet.  It is very snug without being tight, if you can imagine that.  Is completely comfortable to wear for hours at a time.  It does not have great ventilation and does get hot in warmer weather.  Honestly, I cannot tell that it gets hotter than other helmets I’ve worn.  They’re all hot, when it’s hot.  It is heavier than most other helmets I’ve worn.  Is not a problem, but wanted to note it does feel more weighty.

Protection:  Can’t say for sure.  Thankfully I have not taken a fall in it, yet.  I “feel” well protected in it so I guess that goes to peace of mind anyway.
Look / Style:  personally I think it’s unattractive.  Again, like every other helmet.  Seems to have a ‘larger’ profile.  Larger than what I’m not sure, but it just seems bigger.  Does not bother me while wearing it, but looks that way when I see myself in pics.  I don’t think I would like any helmet on me.  The helmet itself does not have a visor.  I like a visor.  Easily enough remedied with a cover that includes a visor.

Price:  all helmets are too expensive, like most everything else these days.  Relative to others available I think the price is reasonable.  This is the most expensive helmet I’ve ever worn, and it’s not even the high end for Charles Owen.  I must note here, I didn’t spring for the hat.  It was a much appreciated gift, purchased from Dover Saddlery in Alpharetta, Georgia.
Previously I wore mostly Troxel helmets and have no complaints.  Simply felt this may offer better protection. As my age increases, I am slowly realizing that that feeling of invincibility IS a feeling rather than a reality.   I don’t bounce nearly as well as I used to either.  I am taking more care of this helmet.  I do not leave it in the truck or trailer, unless camping.  I always take it in the house after riding.  That was an adjustment because I had always kept my helmet in the truck, so I would have it when I needed it.  Extreme heat and cold supposedly compromise the integrity of the helmet (all helmets not just the C. Owen), so I’m making the effort.
Bottom Line:  pros:  VERY comfortable, solidly made, seems to be protective; cons:  heavy, hot, no visor.