My horse is turned out all the time and has plenty of pasture.  Do I need to feed supplements?

My horse gets a daily ration of sweet feed.  Do I need to feed supplements?

My horse has really pitiful hooves.  I cannot keep shoes on him.  Would some kind of supplement help?

My horse is really a sweetheart.  She just gets nervous when she’s stressed, which is anytime I ask her to DO anything.  I wonder if there’s a supplement that will help comfort her?  I hate to upset her.

My horse works really hard for me.  I ride him sometimes twice a month for up to two hours at a time, so I like to make sure he’s getting all the nutrition he needs.  I feed him the most expensive feed at my local feed store.  I buy my hay from a guy who brings it to me from out West, so I know it’s the best.  I give my horse every supplement I can find, because I want to be sure he’s getting everything he needs.  He takes care of me, so I take care of him.

Hmmm. . . any of these sound familiar?  If you’ve ever wondered IF you should be feeding a supplement, and then of course WHAT supplement, read the article below on MyHorseDaily.  No big technical-nutritional-gobbledygook; just basic questions about your horse that determine if and what you may or may not need to feed your horse.  It’s a good read.

Check out Dr. Clair Thunes on Horse Supplements here.