Left Elk Garden parking lot on VHHT to intersection with Crest trail (99), 4.1m.

Crest trail to VH Connector Trail (100) ~2.5m –partial is VHHT, VH Connector Trail @ gate, right goes thru Park, usually lots of ponies here.
VH Connector Trail intersection toward “Bike Trail” intersection (128, 120) for .9m.
VH Connector Trail thru Park, Massie Gap, Picnic area, 1.7m.
“Bike Trail” intersection toward Big Wilson Creek trail (~129), 1.8m.
Big Wilson Creek trail toward Bear Pen trail (8), 2.1m.
Bear Pen trail to Scales trail (3), 1.2m.
Scales trail to Scales (84), .5m.
Scales to unmarked trail to left, that connects to Orchard Spur trail (101), 2.5m.
Unmarked trail to Old Orchard Spur trail, ~.5m.
Old Orchard Spur trail to VHHT (72), .75m.
VHHT to Fox Creek Camp (101), .25m.
Unfortunately, no map; just one pic below.  Busy riding all day!  Some stayed at Fox Creek w horses, while some hitched a ride back to Elk Garden to get trailers.  Drove back to Fox Creek, picked up horses and riders, home again.  Great ride, 8 hour day including 45 min lunch break and lots of ‘rest’ breaks throughout the day.
Don’t know all those riding, but included Deb, Everett, Becky, and Mike.
TLH about .5m from Elk Garden parking.