Now for a Foxie update from Marie ….
I think this mare is already learning different horn sounds! She perks up with the “gone away” note!! Then drops her head & neck with the calling in of the hounds. 🙂 However, I am switching to a pelham with our next outing .... as typical with a draft, she can get strong on a run without a quick break (she prefers to use horse in front of her). I think as we get more familiar with each other she will understand more of what I want. She doesn’t try to run past but likes to stay close behind. This week she did much better at walk/trot at keeping a horse length back but when we got on a run, it was a constant squeeze (pully), release to stay back hence why trying pelham. 🙂 Foxie is very sure footed (size 3) and seems to understand using her hindend for balancing downhill verses falling on her forehand! She stands at checks and for mounting with perfect manners! We were next to last in 2nd flight this Wednesday and were crossing a wide creek when 5-6 couple hounds came up stream to exit at the crossing. I held the mare up waiting for hounds to pass
first while others troted/cantered off uphill….now she wasn’t thrilled with this, BUT she did it!!! I was pleased and the lady behind me on a green horse said she was a great mare for waiting. 🙂 Hounds have ran around, beside, behind and in front of her and she stays calm and no ear pinning! We have had two run-ups from behind and she hasn’t offered to kick as of yet! Also, she will CLEAR a path to get off the trail if staff or field need to pass by. So, as you can tell…I love this mare! She is safe and very willing to go forward, no need to kick on. This past week there were only 11 riders with 5 staff out for the day…due to rain & fixture. But we were out 3 hours…first 1 3/4 blank the rest was on an off & on chase! Finally called hounds in due to time, temps and fitness of all. You all need to come up soon and go out with us on a Wednesday!