This afternoon I showed up for some work with Gussie.  Gussie even showed up today.  She was a complete no-show yesterday.  It was not her idea, but she was present.  Her attitude was very different, immediately, today.  She was not happy to be confined in the round pen.  We started easy with some simple trips around
at a trot.  She did not want to stay on the rail, but kept cutting in and across, making straight lines toward the side rather than circles.  I simply moved in toward her to encourage her to stay out.
After about three minutes (could have been five, but I don’t think it was more than five) I saw her pick a spot and rock back on her haunches.  I fussed at her from inside while Jay was outside the pen in front of her with a lunge whip in her face.  All to no avail, naturally.  She proceeded to launch herself up and mostly over the panels, snagging her back end.  The panels crumpled like tin foil under her, she shook her foot loose and was off to graze at leisure in the pasture.
So, what comes next I do not know.  Open to suggestions, other than buckshot.  Already considering that.