I have just recently stumbled on to the Quick Tips by Julie Goodnight on YouTube, and I’m lovin them.  Lots don’t apply to me so I skip them, but I would much rather watch 10 videos that last 30 seconds each, than one that lasts five minutes.  Maybe I’m ADD, ADHD, or whatever the syndrome du jour is, or maybe it’s just CRS.  Anyway, I like these cause it doesn’t take five minutes to figure out if I can use it or not.  It’s short and to the point.  Then, if I disagree, if it’s something that doesn’t apply, or whatever, I’m not mad at myself for wasting a bunch of time mesmerized by useless YouTube crap.  Please do NOT take that as a jab at YouTube.  I think YouTube is fabulous.  There is SO MUCH good stuff on there.  You can learn all kinds of GOOD STUFF.  Problem is it’s just like everything else in life; it does not come with a common sense filter.  We have to sift thru all the content and decide what’s useful and dependable ourselves.  They just make it accessible.  Which means I can publish ridiculous and even dangerous instructions all I want.  It’s up to you to decide what to watch and what to accept.

Alas, I digress.  Imagine that.

Anyway, here’s a nice quick tip on bit placement that answers the question on how many wrinkles.  I completely agree with her answer on this one.  I also like the way she explains the WHY.  Then, it just makes sense when you understand the why and it’s not an arbitrary number that someone assigned for everyone else to memorize.  I will note she is demonstrating using a snaffle bit and she does not make any reference to a curb bit.  She may have another tip somewhere that addresses a curb specifically, don’t know.  I will say that I use the same rule regardless of snaffle or curb.  Same reason, same rule.  As always, if you pay attention you can try it and your horse will let you know when you get it right.