Have added a page called, careful it’s tricky, Photo Albums.  This is just a list of links to the photo albums from posts, in case you’re looking for pics and don’t want to go thru the posts to find them.

The links go to the Google + view of the album, which is fine.  However, IF you want to see the album map, you have to go to the Picasa Web Album view.  It’s kind of neat.  The album map shows each pic in the album ON the map wherever it was taken.  It uses the GPS location attached to each pic, assuming the pic has location information.  Usually any shot taken with any smartphone or GPS device will have location data.  Once in the map, top right hand corner somewhere is an option for Terrain.  If you check this box, it makes the map a topo map.  It’s zoomable too.

If you don’t care about the map, please stop reading right now, if not sooner.  If you might want to see the map, here’s how to get to it:

1. Click a link for a photo album, doesn’t matter if it’s from the Photo Album page or from within a post.  This goes to the        Google + view of the album.  Don’t scroll, click, or anything else, or else.  Else = you must start over!
2. BEFORE you click anywhere, look at the top of the window – should see this:

3. Click the here to go to the Picasa album view.
4. Look to the right for the “view map” option.

5.  Click that option and then you get the map in full size, WITH the pics in place.  Zoom in to see the pics better.
6.  There’s a’back to album view’ link in the upper left corner.  That goes back to the Picasa album view.