Rode from Fox Creek north (Rt. 741) up to VHHT, ~less than .75 mile.  Left on VHHT, crossing the road twice before turning west toward Hurricane Mt.  Trail opens onto FS 828 on Flat Top Mt.  Right on FS road for little over .5 mile.  Left off the road, back onto trail toward Cherry Tree Shelter, about .3 miles to Shelter.  Southeast on Iron Mt Trail from the Shelter back down the mountain, paralleling the FS road most of the way.  Once at the bottom, the trail parallels Rt. 603 back to Fox Creek.

View from Cherry Tree Shelter, looking down Iron Mt. trail toward Fox Creek Camp.

Map of the ride.  Red and Blue are two different GPS files to make up the complete loop.  Experimenting with devices.
Kim, Kim, Deb, Deb, Walker; Gus, Nic, Clem, TLH, Frisco.