This is Nelle.  Supermodel she’s not, but super, yeah – she is that.  This pic was at a CTR in Uwharrie North Carolina.  She’s a fabulous mare, retired now.  She’s a little heavier now than in this pic, but she still looks good.  She’s about 21 this year.

She’s my “does this saddle make my butt look big?” horse.  Some people call her Bumper Butt.  It’s always good to have someone wide enough and sane enough to stop rowdy traffic approaching from the rear.  She’s it.  She never minded horses running up on her butt.  So if needed, we would serve as the safety stop.

Speed?  No she was not gifted with great speed, but she was tremendously steady and even.  She would happily canter along as long as she was asked, but an even steady trot was her best bet for covering ground, and was her comfort zone.  Not as comfortable as the stand-still-and-eat-zone, but with regard to forward motion, her medium trot was the sweet spot.  That is under saddle of course.  She’s a royal pain to get to trot in hand.  We agreed to disagree on that point, and I just learned to live with it.  I think she’s earned some perks.

Other than trotting in hand, not much comes to mind that I’ve ever asked her to do, that she hasn’t done.  She has climbed miles and miles of mountainous trails; been a faithful newbie mount when needed; conquered Competitive Trail Rides – never mind the smirks at a DRAFT on a CTR, she showed ’em; fox hunted; been a gracious guest mount; and kept the other horses in line at the barn, mostly.  She can block a gate like nobody’s business, or barn door.  Rumor has it that she may at times hog the water trough too.  I think it’s a conspiracy theory.  Sweet as she is she would never do such a thing.  June tells stories on her all the time.

Nelle and Bill at Repass. Nelle and I at Iron Mountain CTR.  Sam is here somewhere too. . .
Laura / Kahlua, Me / Nelle, Sarah / Sam.  See I told you he was here somewhere! Jacqueline relaxing with Nelle.  See, how sweet is that? You can’t tell from these pics, but Jacqueline has only 3 legs. I have no idea how she got there???

She’s the kind of horse that most folks wouldn’t bother to haul home, but for me she’s priceless.  She has earned her weight in gold, and let me tell you that’s a LOT of gold.  I am thankful to my God for sharing her with me.