Wanted to share Marie’s adventures yesterday, and show off Roxie whom I’ve never officially met but love her anyway.  Hopefully, Marie will comment with some more details when she has time.
Thank you for sharing Marie.
Well, my check list paid off…we were right on time and as far as I heard nothing was forgotten…not bad for 4 trailers, 13 horses and riders (8 of which were young riders…7-11 y.o).  We were blessed to only have sprinkles but it was WARM & MUGGY…hence scenting wasn’t very good. Hounds only got on 1 short run in 2 hour outing. Heat and threatening storms took us in.
Foxie Roxie was a true hunter. She wanted to go but willing to wait :-).
Due to my being new to this hunt and new horse I was “placed” in hilltoppers 🙁
but it was for the best as she was able to have longer checks.
There are pics of cubbing today on Rappahannock Hunt Facebook page…i made it into a couple of shots in the background. Susan (instructor) is the one in the middle of all the kids.
Our one claim to fame today…Foxie & I got the gate without dismounting….this was a 16′ gate with a ditch and tree stump just in front (some of the horses spooked at stump/ditch) but the mare just went right up, side stepped, opened, allowed others to go through then closed it side stepping again!!  Oliver Brown, our field master, MFH and ex huntsman asked who I was and where I got my mare 🙂
Now, our next hurdle is the mare’s vetting this coming Wednesday.
Miss you all and can’t wait to ride with you all soon!
Come visit!
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