MPCO ONE AC Supplement (200gm)


MPCO One ACThis nutritional equine feed supplement was specifically developed for the non-sweating (anhydrotic) horse. It has been proven effective in controlling the negative effects of anhydrosis in 95% of the cases tested (anecdotal). ONE AC is not a cure for anhydrosis and should not be considered as such. This product is based on the theory of an imbalance of dopamine to the noradrenaline/adrenaline complex. Dopamine is used first by the brain, next by the cardiovascular system and last by the sweating system. A reduction in dopamine below a certain level allows the well known vasoconstrictive properties of the noradrenaline/adrenaline complex to predominate and reduce the blood carrying capacity of the peripheral vascular system to a minimum, thereby reducing the ability of the sweat glands to function properly.

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