knotted barrel reins with grip knots you choose the color and length great for barrel racing or trail riding


This is a pair of knotted barrel reins in neon turquoise., but you can choose your color from the variations when ordering. You can also choose the length. They are hand braided out of the finest quality 550 paracord. The ends are flat braided so that you can take them up with the conway buckle. These adjust with a Conway buckle so they do adjust shorter. They attach to the bit with nickel plaited trigger snaps. they have 3 grip knots on each side. All of the reins are round braided out of 6 strands of paracord, except the bottom of the rein which is flat braided. length variation tips: These will give you a general idea but the length you need can vary. **5' a shorter pony or mini horse length **6' pony rein or short barrel rein **8' the most common length ordered for horses **10' a longer rein for longer necked horses or if you like a looser rein **12' an extra long rein

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