Southwestern Equine 48″ Training Flag Horsemanship Flag Horse Lunging Training Stick Silver Shaft and Nylon Flag


Don't put yourself in a bad position when breaking a young colt or starting an older horse. With the extra extension of the flag you are able to control the horse at a safe distance, touch there legs, under the belly, and any other spaces that you would just like to keep a safe space away from them. Trying to desensitize your horse? With these, it is best place to start. Not only can you introduce the horse to a scary object, but this can also help prepare your horse to carry a flag in the rodeos, barrel race, drill events, and much more. It all starts somewhere. Let us help you get you and horse to the next level. Slip resistant, ultra grip, comfort handle and a poly carbonate shaft makes it very light weight. We have tried to think of everything possible to keep this product comfortable for you to carry for long periods of time. Shaft is 48" long - Flag is 2' x 2'

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