Since the one-hour catching session, I have been working with Winston every day or every few days.  I have not ridden since then, but we have been practicing the first, and absolutely necessary phase of riding, the catching-the-horse phase.  Genius I am not, but I have learned that a nice day of riding is best spent ON a horse.  So to get to that part, one must first get a HORSE.

Our progress so far has been acceptable.  Only once has he not either come to me or come part of the way to me, then allowed me to walk up to him and get him.  No, the one time was not the next time after the one-hour session either.  The very next day after we rode, he walked to me and let me get him right off.  The one time he did run was after he had walked 3/4 of the field toward me.  I was walking to meet him and was within reach of him.  It was cold and my hands were in my pockets.  When I took my hands out, which I did not do with any extra care but with no exaggeration either, he flinched and bolted out of reach.  He trotted a few yards away, stopped and looked back at me.  I pursued until he turned to face me, then I stopped and talked to him for a few seconds.  I proceeded.  He walked on a bit.  I proceeded until he turned to face me, then I stopped and spoke to him very briefly, then proceeded.  He did not come to me, but did let me walk up and get him.  I’m ok with that.  Once I had him, I gave him a bite of grain.  I was not carrying any bucket, scoop, or anything else he could relate to food.  I did try that once before with him.  Did no good, so I don’t bother.

I have a neck rope on him now and hope to be able to remove his halter soon.  We’ll see how it goes with no halter!