This is a great, simple, and short video on Snaffle v Curb.  It’s really not rocket science, but boy can some people make it seem as such.  Short and to the point is what I’m liking so much about the Julie Goodnight Quick Tips videos.

She didn’t go into the jointed-nutcracker action that so many people seem to think is a mild and easy bit for any horse.  Simply put, it’s not.  Take a single-jointed snaffle bit, with reins attached, and hold it in your hand palm up.  Now grab the reins both in the other hand and pull down hard – no you cannot possibly pull with even half the force you would if you were in the saddle, but it will be enough.  Now, doesn’t that feel comfy?  Wonder why the horse is always trying to get his nose up in the air?  Oh well, that’s what tie-downs / martingales are for right?