What a great day for a ride, and thankfully we WERE riding!  Explored some forest trails with some AWESOME panoramic views out over the area.  I’m pretty sure we could see all the way to North Carolina, which is not that far I know.

The horses were great, very r e l a x e d, not that that is a bad thing.  No sign of any complications from the vaccinations of the day before.  Clem was still furious I’m sure about being ‘tricked’, but she didn’t show it.  Also must commend them on their excellent behavior in ponying the others up to the barn for the next day’s farrier visit, aka Brad.  They were very patient and tolerant with the not-so-cooperative ponyees, and especially with Charcoal who is allowed to take his time.

I actually wore a single, short-sleeved shirt for the ride, so yes, it was very warm.  The spring smells in the mountain were wonderful in the sunshine.  I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of the bamboo patch.  It is so pretty, if you like bamboo, and I do, like bamboo.  Yet another delightful day to be outside enjoying the Creator’s blessings.  Thank you Lord.