A little slow on getting these posted, but I’m old, get over it.  I thought the turnout was excellent, but then it was a very nice day.  Quite cool in the morning, but warmed up nicely after lunch.  I was glad I had brought a blanket!

The sale started pretty much on time, with slow bidding at first.  I didn’t mind.  I was enjoying a delicious, warm, Amish donut.  Even if you don’t care for the sale, you should come get a donut!

The catalog listed 202 horses.  They sold thru number 229.  There were a lot of No Shows and No Sales.  We left for lunch on #92 and returned on #124.  The 22 listings in between I cannot say how many showed, or their disposition.  For the rest, there were 47 NO SHOWS, and 28 NO SALES.  That gives a 63% sell rate.  Seemed a little low to me.

The high bids were:

 $2950  Flashy Paint X, with a good ‘show’  Ray Raber
 $2800  Paint with good ‘show’  Ray Raber
 $2200  Belgian Standardbred X, good ‘show’  Joe Raber

The low bids were: