Have been a fan of the Weaver Smart cinches, with the roller buckles, for a long time.  Have used the mohair string version for years.  Last year I got the felt smart cinch and am very pleased with it as well.  I like the string girths for their ease of cleaning.  I just soak in wash water for a bit, rinse, hang to dry.  They don’t hold onto the hair as much as other fabric girths it seems.  So far, I just brush the hair off the felt.  Haven’t actually tried washing it yet!  I like the hold of the felt and the way it wears on the horse.  I feel like it gives a little more comfort that the string girth.

Definitely recommend this girth.  Cost was around $30.  I think it’s available in black and brown, and in standard sizes only – probably 32″-38″.  Does not come in draft, that I can find.
Oh, if not familiar with the smart cinch:
the trick is the roller buckles on the near side of the cinch.  Off side is standard, but has a dandy deep keeper for the billet.  Near side buckle has double bars, so if you double wrap you have one for each.  Both bars have a roller that allows the latigo to ‘roll’ smoothly over, rather than slide/drag thru the buckle.  Cinching up is so much smoother and causes less wear on the latigo.  So far, no horses have commented on the difference the rollers make, but I think they’re great.