Sam - Oooh I Feel Good

Now I don’t see this so much, but in his younger days, this was a regular sight.  I’ve never been quite sure that he’s 100% equine.  You can check with Julie and Marie on this one as well.  I’m pretty sure there’s some goat and some dog in there somewhere.  Here, you see the dog traits.  These were also evident in the way he liked to play.  He used to race me up the fence line when I came to feed, when I was on foot of course.  He’s good, but even he can’t keep up with a Ford, come on.  He used to play with our Golden Retriever in the pasture.  It looked like two dogs romping.


As a young man of about five.

Here he is at about five in the jack-rock pen at Slate Creek.  This is the paddock that was downhill from the road.  The fence you can see is the fence he jumped repeatedly, while bounding uphill.  He liked to run to the top of the hill, turn round and look at me, neigh proudly, then saunter back to me to put him back in.


See what a sweetheart he is as he poses politely for the camera.  That’s Mareke and her person Bee on the right.  I’m not real sure who is obnoxiously hogging the pic from the left.  I’m guessing it’s Smokey.  This is at Bee’s barn and it looks like it was a wonderful day.



At Westover


Here we are at Westover Farm.  There’s Julie and JR, I think.  Sam and me next.  Then Bee and Mareke.  Followed by Sande and Paddy, Nancy and ?, Robert and Smokey I think.  Very good memories from Westover.  Is a fabulous place to ride, and offers great opportunities for losing hounds!


The ever vigilant Sam is on duty at Mt. Rogers.  Left is him sporting around Alexxes and me at the Old Va Horse Camp.  Right, he is standing guard while others goof off with photo opps and such.  It’s hard to find good help anymore, you know.  That’s Julie on horse-who’s-name-I-can’t-remember.  Obviously he never made much of an impression on me, good or bad!  This is on the Iron Mt side.







Somehow Lee got stranded at Fox Creek and needed a ride back to the Livery.  Of course, Sam was happy to oblige.  This was at a Ride-a-Thon but I cannot remember what year.  I plead old, CRS, etc.




Now we have some games pics.  Couldn’t tell you where these are, as I never attended the games competitions.  That was all the Denton clan.  Not having seem him live, I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing he loved it as much if not more than James did.  He’s very competitive, loves to start fast, go fast, stop fast, and that’s pretty much the games theme from what I can tell.  Of course being short and compact is a definite advantage, so he’s got that covered too.  James on the other, tall and lean, made the partnership even better.

I wish I had some shots of other games ponies to put here.  Then you would really be able to tell, he’s not the typical games mount.  Long flowing, NATURAL, manes and tails are not prevalent.  Neither are many of the other Sam-isms, but he was a games warrior for several years and I bet he made his mark while he was there, in one way or another.

That’s about all I have on the best horse I have ever known.  I’m sure we all have our favorites.  No matter how many words I put on a page, there’s no way I can ever communicate the horse that is Yosemite Sam.  He has been my Prince Charming for so many years I have to take notes to count them up.  Yes, there are things he can’t do, I mean – I guess there’s something he can’t do, but the things he has done for me, and the care he has taken of me is absolutely unbelievable.  I look back over our years together and want to record some of the more fantastic happenings, and then I fear I will see a white coat with really long sleeves being delivered for me!  He has a ‘sense’ that I’ve not ever known in another horse.  Let’s just leave it at that, at least for now.